About Us - Our Story

The Safe Indy Public Safety Program began as a partnership between neighbors and a few off duty police officers.

It was established in 2010 in order to serve the eight King Park neighborhoods.

When the program started, it operated solely on resident contributions for each neighborhood served, but often the neighborhoods that needed it the most had the least ability to contribute.

Our goal for 2016 was to be able to help fund public safety in any neighborhood that contacted us, not just those that could afford to private pay for it.

We achieve this through a partnership between neighborhoods and local businesses.

Participating neighborhoods receive funds for a variety of public safety and neighborhood improvement projects.

Funds are generated by business sponsorships and advertisements in our e-newsletter, which is sent to opt-in residents in these neighborhoods.

These funds can be used at the discretion of your neighborhood for extra lighting, plantings, clean ups, snow removal, police patrols through the Urban Patrols program or any other community services you choose.

Since small business development goes hand in hand with safe neighborhoods and thriving communities, we thought it would be the perfect partnership! The Public Safety Program provides affordable and targeted advertising opportunities for local businesses, while also increasing brand recognition and brand loyalty. When a local business is directly helping a community, residents will want to support that business!